Community Benefits

The Glass Barn at Lake Winnipesaukee has been designed to complement the Lakes Region economy, offering short-stay accommodations for those looking to gather for corporate retreats, weddings, reunions and other special events. Visitors will enjoy the community’s many local shops, restaurants and recreation destinations, including year-round outdoor activities, designed to stimulate our local economy.

The Glass Barn is committed to being a community asset and gathering place, offering the space for local and nonprofit special events and to celebrate the Lakes Region’s culture, including the local arts and music scene.

The Glass Barn at Lake Winnipesaukee will:

  • Create 10-20 long-term, high-paying jobs with benefits.
  • Create more than 350 construction jobs during development
  • Generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in local revenue while placing little to no burden on local services, making this project a net positive for Alton’s budget
  • Preserve roughly 80 acres, or 56% of the parcel’s total land (141.7 acres), and plant more than 200 new birch, oak, poplar and maple trees
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